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What Is Success Factor #1?

Success Factor #1 is the most important ingredient for achieving a strong self-image, positive mindset, productive results and for overcoming negative expectations, sabotaging results and destructive emotions.

Do you know Success Factor #1 is all about possessing extreme self-esteem? If you are like most people, you function at a fairly high level and may believe that diminished self-esteem is not your primary concern or challenge.  Our research shows this not to be accurate for more than 85% of the population.

Many noted psychologists have developed multiple, complicated definitions of what constitutes high self-esteem. To put it simply, your self-esteem is formed by the quality of your self-image and the feelings (both conscious and subconscious) you have about yourself at any given moment.

"At an early age, we all make up that we are somehow unlovable, not good enough and not worthy of the best life has to offer. By discovering the source of our lacking self-image, we can re-interpret our past, reclaim our self-esteem and design our future deliberately and with power."
                                                                                   -- Dr. Joe Rubino

The single biggest reason why we often think our self esteem is healthy and adequate is that we have become accustomed to seeing ourselves in a certain way over the course of many years. We lose sight of what is possible in terms of our level of belief in our abilities to produce the results we desire and to achieve fulfillment, boundless joy, and top levels of accomplishment.  We are typically blind to breaking through to higher levels because the insights we need are in the arena of “what we don’t know we don’t know.” In other words, we are so accustomed to the way things are that we soon lose sight of what is possible for us to attain. We become resigned to the status quo and blinded to the possibilities that do not fit in with the evidence we have created for ourselves by our past experiences. So when we don’t know any better, we think we’re on top of the world. We live in limiting paradigms that restrict our vision and ability to tap into our infinite capabilities.

For example, during the days of Christopher Columbus, a common paradigm was that the Earth was flat. Sailors knew better than to venture too far out to sea for fear of falling off the edge. Until Columbus came along and challenged the paradigm, it was just generally accepted that we live on a flat Earth. Few questioned this “fact” until Columbus’s voyage to the new world proved it faulty. It was only then that a new paradigm about the Earth’s shape was established, namely that the Earth is round.

Paradigms clearly shape the beliefs of the society that holds them. Each paradigm keeps us from seeing another paradigm. In our Western culture, there exists the paradigm of perfection. During our growth and development, each of us becomes intrinsically aware of what a “perfect” person looks and acts like, how he or she thinks and behaves. We learn early on what is acceptable and what is different and doesn’t measure up.

At an early age when our psyches were young, innocent and fragile, various situations occurred that caused bumps and bruises to our personal self-image.  These daily situations cumulatively resulted in ever-growing damage to our level of self-esteem. Perhaps we were criticized by a parent, received a spanking, or bought into negative remarks (even if they were well intended.) Someone said or did something that caused us to see ourselves as unworthy, unlovable, or flawed in some significant way. Especially at those early ages, we were not able to properly separate facts from interpretations.  So we made up that we were somehow defective. Therefore, to a certain degree, we all do have areas where our level of self-esteem has become diminished.

Contrary to popular belief, our level of self-esteem is not ‘fixed.’ For most of us, it is subject to the feedback, reactions, and interpretations we receive from others in every area of our lives on a daily basis.. The higher and healthier our self-esteem level is, the more we live in happiness, the less emotionally reactive we are, and the more productive we are in producing the results we desire. Yet this ‘average level’ of the quality of our self-image is compiled from experiences that impact every aspect of life…

Therefore your ‘average score’ might be a 7 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high) – but perhaps your self-esteem score in the area of dealing with criticism may be just a 4. It is these deficient areas of lower self-esteem that detract from our quality of life and hinder our effectiveness with others. Maybe you excel in business but tend to experience serious challenges in your relationships at work or perhaps you have social struggles as a result of a diminished sense of self-esteem.

In the work that we do at the Center for Personal Reinvention, we are acutely aware of how these lacking areas rob people of their joy, prevent them from experiencing fulfillment, and keep top success just out of reach. Extensive research shows that 85% of us have some form of diminished self-esteem that holds us back from living the happy, healthy, productive, and joyful life that we all want to have. In fact, these self image ‘bumps and bruises’ are the main cause of the majority of negative emotions we experience on a day to day basis.

For these reasons, Success Factor #1 is all about fostering a healthy level of self-esteem. When you feel confident about every aspect about who you are, you live with a positive expectation for what the future will hold for you. As a result, you are empowered to be in action to create the sort of life that is truly rewarding and in alignment with your true potential.

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