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Look at some of the testimonials I have received for our Self-Esteem enhancing materials: (many of them were unsollicited!)

Dear Dr. Joe,

At first I was quite skeptical about this. There are so many people out there falsely claiming to have the magic success formula. When I ordered the #1 Success Formula MP3 series I did so expecting to be disappointed. Was I wrong! Not only am I thrilled that I took action, but I can honestly say that I find your work to be life-changing! You have really opened my eyes on how my self-esteem affects every aspect of my life. Through your exercises, I was able to uncover and overcome many of the personal obstacles that have kept me stuck for years. I truly know that my life will never be the same again. I get along better with my spouse now, I attracted my dream job and I feel so much stronger, happier and more vibrant then ever!

Thank you so much!

Nicole B.
New York, NY


Dr. Rubino, I wish I had gotten this training much earlier in my life. It would have saved me 40 years of struggle. Thanks for opening my eyes!

Peter M.
Miami, Florida


Your material sounded so good that I doubted you could deliver what you promised. It has and more. This course is amazing. The down to earth principles you share are life transforming. I thought that I had plenty of self-esteem, but you showed me how I was living a lie in so many areas of my life. Thanks to this course, I have found my authentic self.

Maggie C.
London, England


Not too long ago, I was bitter, angry and frustrated. When my girlfriend bought this course for me, my life was out of control. A few short weeks after listening to your program and doing the assignments, my life has transformed in so many ways. I know I still have a long way to go but at least I now know the path to take. Thank you for creating this incredible course!

Johnny R.
San Antonio, Texas

When I listened to your program, I got so mad that I didn’t work on myself earlier. I feel more blessed, prosperous, happy, positive, powerful and productive every day. Your course is great stuff.

Connie T.
Los Angeles, California

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