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How is the Success Factor #1 program structured?

The Success Factor #1 home study course consists of three important modules:
Module 1: Complete and Heal your Past
Module 2: Assess your Present
Module 3: Envision your Future

The Success Factor #1 program is divided into the following chapter outline:


I. Complete Your Past

1.         The Essence of Self-Esteem

2.         The Paradigm of Perfection

3.         The Origins of Self-Doubt

4.         Transform Your Self-talk from Negative to Positive

5.         Separate Facts from Interpretations

6.         Moods

7.         The Vicious Cycle

8.         Manage Your Moods to Enhance Self-Esteem

9.         Why We Keep Our Moods in Place

10.       The Costs of Not Reclaiming Our Self-Esteem

11.       Survival Formulas

12.       Case Studies

13.       Reinterpret Your Past

14.       Manage Your Interpretations Moment By Moment

15.       Complete Your Past

16.       The Power of Forgiveness

17.       The Importance of Gratitude in Sourcing Self-Esteem


II. Assess Your Present


18.       Do a Values Inventory

19.       Take Personal Inventory: Put Closure on Your Past and Tend to Unfinished Business

20.       Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

21.       Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

22.       Create a Structure to Develop Those Qualities You Identify as Missing


III. Design Your Future

23.       Keep a Daily Journal

24.       Create a Vision for Your Life

25.       Identify Your Life Purpose

26.       Set Goals and Design An Action Plan for Your Life

27.       The Power of a Daily Action Commitment

28.       Put an Accountability Structure Into Place

29.       Acknowledge Yourself Daily

30.       Take Responsibility for Your Needs by Making Requests

31.       Champion Others to Have High Self-Esteem


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