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FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How is the Success Factor #1 program structured?

2. How quickly can I gain more self-esteem?

3. How does stronger self-esteem relate to achieving more wealth and happiness?

4. Why is Success Factor #1 a synonym for ‘self-esteem’?

5. How do I know that I need to improve my self-esteem?

6. Who is this program intended for?

7. Is it possible to be too old for the Success Factor #1 program to be effective?

8. Can someone start the Success Factor #1 program at any age?

9. Does Dr. Joe Rubino have other products available?

10. What are MP3 files?

11. Can I burn these files on a CD and listen on my home stereo or car too?

12. Do you ship international as well as US orders?

13. Is it safe to buy online with a credit card?



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