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  • It’s a Quality Product – Low Refund Rate
  • Extreme Pay Out – Up to 70% per sale
  • Great Conversions!

Success Factor #1
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Discover how to Earn a Stunning 70% in Commissions
Clickbank pays you a remarkable 50% per sale. Since we believe in rewarding those who deliver results, we offer an extra incentive for your performance! We pay you up to 70% commissions per sale!

Incentive Commission Schedule
25+ sales per month = 5% added per sale added through pay pal
50+ sales per month = 10% added per sale added through pay pal
100+ sales per month = 20% added per sale added through pay pal

The Basic Edition of the Success Factor #1 Course sells for     $39.95

50% clickbank commission is:                                                   $19.97 commission/ sale
Extra incentive commission for 100 + sales per month:              $ 7.99 extra pay out/ sale
This adds up to:                                                                        $27.96 per sale

Earning $27.96 commissions for a $39.95 sale, ads up to a stunning 70% commissions per sale!

Much more then High Commissions!
Beyond extremely high commissions there is much more for you that makes it attractive to become our affiliate. Here are some reasons to start earning money now!

  • Conversions – our team works constantly to increase conversions for you
  • Comfort – upon logging in you will find effective promotional tools with your affiliate link already pre-populated
  • Leverage – as our affiliate, we will give you access to our top notch team of designers and programmers to assist you making more sales fast!
  • Motivation – since your success means our success we will do everything in our power to make it easy to make sales. Since we are highly motivated to positively impact the lives of 20+ million people with Dr. Joe’s material, we’ll constantly stay in touch with you to motivate and inspire you.

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Dr. Joe Rubino
Author, Success Factor #1

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