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10 Powerful Strategies To Build Self Esteem and Confidence

Our self-esteem is a measure of our self worth, self value, self image and self identity. Having a strong self esteem and self confidence is a priceless asset, the better we feel about ourselves the more effective our actions will be and therefore our results on a day to day basis. The quality of our self esteem in any given situation in our live impacts the simplest of day to day activities and subconsciously influences our day to day interactions with ourselves and others. It can make us feel powerful, invincible or powerless.

How we feel about ourselves and therefore our level of self esteem is detectable to others by how we present ourselves and the value that we place on ourselves as individuals. Having a strong level of confidence is often associated with arrogance and superiority but is based on a strong self identity and giving and expecting to receive mutual respect nothing is further from the truth.

Countless factors have a positive or negative impact on our self esteem: the effectiveness of our relationships with others, our work/non work environments and our life structure. These factors influence our behavior, our language, our actions and our results.

Levels of self esteem can vary in any given situation in life; a person who is happy, secure and confident at work may not feel the same in their non work environment or vice versa. This means that the concept of ones self esteem is affected by how successful that we feel that we are in each sphere of our lives. Though this concept is subjective for many people, success may be related to feelings of well being as a result of positive feelings of self or self esteem.

Our perception of success is often also affected by making social comparisons with others either consciously or subconsciously. This may have either a positive or negative impact on our self esteem. Our self esteem level is our source of personal power and must be constantly kept in check. Self honesty is essential make a fair judgment on how to value your self esteem and confidence. Testing your confidence by self evaluation is often much more complicated as it seems because we all have certain blind spots.

Our levels of self esteem are like the fuel tank of a car. A full tank and you can go anywhere, half full and you know that you still have some mileage to go, a quarter full you should really be planning to refuel before it gets too late. On the red, you’re dredging all the dirt from the engine and are risking long term damage. If you can identify with this view read on for strategies to refuel your tank.

In order to simply test your self-esteem, Dr. Joe Rubino has made a quick, fun and easy preliminary self esteem test which can be found at: Most people will uncover some areas of their life where self esteem can be improved. Here are 10 ways to do so:

  1. Get organized. Clean out your computer, your desk, your closet and your house. File and store everything logically and organized. Throw away what you don’t need anymore. This clears up your head a lot!
  2. Create a vision for your life. This is the most overlooked trait to feeling better. Your life’s plan must be compelling!
  3. List goals, make a plan and make baby steps to achieve them. List daily and weekly goals. Break them all down in small chunks. Take on the cunks one by one.
  4. Take well considered action. Take action upon your plan. Start and act fast – get things done ASAP.
  5. Reward yourself when succeeded. Get disciplined. Always keep the score. Hold off rewarding yourself until you have created results by achieving your goals.
  6. Exercise! Nothing outperforms physical activity. Inactivity makes you rust away. Breathe well and exercise. This will give you fresh oxygen in your blood and brains to make you feel better.
  7. Love yourself. Judge yourself by what you already do well instead of by what’s imperfect.
  8. Help others. Helping others makes you feel extremely good.
  9. Get rid of negative people in your life! This will be the best thing you can ever do to improve your self esteem.
  10. Live a balanced life!  Especially at a younger age most people tend to undervalue the power of living a balanced life in relation to optimized self esteem and confidence.

Bonus secret: Treat your body with respect. Support your body by healthy consumption patterns, good sleeping and deep breathing.

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed life and success coach and the author of 11 best-selling books and audio programs available worldwide in 19 languages. He is the author of the best selling, “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life” which has been called “the most transformational self-help tool available to support people to restore their self-esteem.” To learn more about this life-changing book, to learn more about Dr. Joe Rubino and to sign up for Dr. Joe’s Ezine,
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